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About the Artist

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After twenty-two years of working as

an accountant on a government

contract in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, I

moved with my family to Seagrove

Beach and decided to do something

more fun. Since I came from an artistic

family, the logical choice was to see if I

had any artistic talent. A neighbor gave

me some old acrylic paint. I had some

wood. It seemed like a good place to


My whole family helps. My husband,

Rick, helps cut wood, my Mom, Dody,

helps shop for supplies, my brother,

Habib, who happens to be a wonderful

oil painter, often offers color and

shading advice, and my dog, Alex,

keeps me company and takes naps.

My art is carried by several galleries in

Seaside, Seagrove, and Ft. Walton,

Florida. I also have a studio in my home

where I display my work. If you are in

Seagrove, please give me a call. I would

love to show you what's new. My phone

number is 850-534-4509.